Senate approves Feigenholtz legislation to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure

SPRINGFIELD – To begin the process of building out infrastructure for drivers and the growing electric vehicle industry in the years to come, State Senator Sara Feigenholtz is championing a measure that lays the groundwork to make EV charging available at residential buildings in Illinois. “Electric vehicle adoption is growing dramatically, but many people don’t have access to charging stations at their home parking

Feigenholtz continues to advance access to information for adopted adults

SPRINGFIELD – A measure sponsored by State Senator Sara Feigenholtz that will alleviate obstacles for adoptees to obtain post-adoption information related to their birth and adoption passed the Senate on Wednesday. “This measure levels the playing field for all adopted adults who are seeking information about themselves through the confidential intermediary program. Permitting record access for those who were placed through child welfare agencies

Senator Feigenholtz partners with new Behavioral Health Officer to remove barriers for children with behavioral and mental health challenges

SPRINGFIELD – Families of children with behavioral health challenges that require mental health assistance have faced multiple barriers when seeking mental health assistance. Working alongside Dr. Dana Weiner, the governor’s newly appointed Children’s Behavioral Health Officer, State Senator Sara Feigenholtz championed Senate Bill 724, which defines the Interagency Children’s Behavioral Health Services Act and lays out a roadmap to finally get children the help