Feigenholtz measure creating new license plate camera privacy protections signed into law

SPRINGFIELD – People seeking reproductive and gender-affirming health care in Illinois can now count on additional privacy protections, thanks to legislation spearheaded by State Senator Sara Feigenholtz that was signed by Governor JB Pritzker on Friday.

“In Illinois, we will not let this technology be abused and weaponized as a tool to hunt people down based on a lawful decision that took place during an appointment with their doctor,” said Feigenholtz (D-Chicago). “We have a long history of welcoming those seeking refuge in our state – and this law will help protect that important aspect of our history.”

According to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, Automatic License Plate Reader data – including real-time location – was previously accessible to out-of-state law enforcement with little to no restrictions. Under Feigenholtz’s law, ALPR data from drivers in Illinois is now protected from being shared with another state’s government or law enforcement for the purposes of investigating or enforcing a law regarding a person’s reproductive health care, gender-affirming care or immigration status.

Under the new law, an out-of-state law enforcement agency who seeks to use ALPR data must now provide a written declaration that the data will not be used to enforce laws that deny an individual the right to obtain lawful health care or detain a person based on their immigration status. Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias worked closely with Senator Feigenholtz and Representative Ann Williams, the bill’s sponsor in the House, to introduce the legislation.

“We have witnessed 20 states systematically dismantling the right to choose in this country plank by plank,” Feigenholtz said. “As anti-choice zealots around the country continue to look for every nook and cranny to criminalize those seeking reproductive health care, we continue to protect them.”

House Bill 3326 was signed into law Friday.