Feigenholtz law allows for prosecution of fraudulent rehab facilities

SPRINGFIELD – A proposal championed by State Senator Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago) that allows attorneys to prosecute fraudulent rehabilitation facilities and the providers who accept kickbacks from them was signed into law today.

“When families are searching for help for a loved one who is in need of substance abuse treatment, they should be able to trust the providers,” Feigenholtz said. “Sadly, there are predatory bad actors out there that lure families into situations that are rife with financial pitfalls.”

This law brings Illinois’ standards for violations and exemptions in line with those set by the federal government.

Senate Bill 2312 provides that it is unlawful to solicit, offer or enter into an arrangement with a patient seeking mental health or substance abuse treatment in exchange for a fee, percentage of the treatment program’s revenue for the patient or any value from a program or facility.

Current law prohibits eliciting financial gains due to patient referrals. This expansion furthers consumer protection efforts by adopting the violations and exemptions from the federal policy.

“Facilities and providers have no right to make outrageous profits off the backs of patients seeking treatment,” Feigenholtz said. “It’s the patient’s life at hand, and they must be safeguarded. The state’s guidelines are now up to date.”

The new law takes effect immediately.